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At Lifmex Industries, we take pride in offering the most extensive range of rigging equipment. Quality is of utmost importance to us therefore all our lifting and lashing equipment are  100% failsafe, with international standards, appropriate certifications,  and accurate data about material composition, mechanical properties, dimensions and tolerances.

At Lifmex, safety receives the closest attention in our chains and wire ropes of every size. The grade of the chains and the construction of each wire rope are closely monitored to ensure that we can cater to the diverse requirements of various industries like Oil & gas, Mining ,Shipping, Fishing and many more.

Lifmex is  at the frontier of delivering high-quality rigging accessories like Shackles, turnbuckles, lifting hooks etc. to coal drilling, marine engineering, metal & mining industries.

we have a diverse portfolio of products engineered to exceed the toughest demands of any industry, including land-based and offshore. Our snatch blocks are intended as assistance during lifting or lashing jobs. Also the most important factor of the blocks are that they divide the load. They are often used in conjunction with a winch in a recovery application, and can improve the functionality of a winch by increasing its pull power. The snatch block is one of today’s most widely used types of blocks.

Join our distributor network, feel free to get in touch with us today. With the team at Lifmex, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed as we are known to present quality products at the most cost-effective prices possible.

Lifmex Industries – One of the Trusted Rigging Equipment Suppliers in UAE

If you are looking to purchase rigging equipment or are on the lookout for rigging equipment manufacturers for distributorship, then your search has finally come to an end at Lifmex.
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World-Class Rigging Equipment Supplier

At Lifmex Industries, we take pride in offering the most extensive range of rigging equipment for sale and distributorship across the globe. With our fully-equipped manufacturing facility, we are currently serving clients through our extensive network of distributors across MENA region, Indian subcontinent, African continent, and the United States of America. Not only that, we aim to expand our distributor network on a global basis in times to come.

An Extensive Product Line to Choose From

Since our establishment in the 2010, we have worked hard to continually expand our product line and now offering an outstanding range for our clients and distributors to choose from. Most importantly, we offer services for inspection, testing and certification for all rigging equipment with the help of a certified third-party certificate inspection company. For us, what is most important is to ensure 100% client satisfaction. For this, we take steps to listen to the individual requirements of our clients and distributors, and then pitch the best products accordingly. To ensure compliance with industry prices, we conduct a SWOT analysis on a quarterly basis. Not only that, we also ensure that our distributors have easy access to multiple product options at all times by continually adding more and more products to our range. What truly sets us apart is the fact that we offer outstanding customer support both during and after sales. For us, the best means of ensuring customer loyalty is offering premium quality support and post-sales services. To guarantee client satisfaction, we go the extra mile to make sure that all queries and concerns are answered within 24 hours.

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If you are looking for a rigging equipment supplier that offers high quality products at competitive prices without compromising on customer support, then get in touch with us at Lifmex.

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