Lifmex Industries started in 1980’s, manufacturing lifting chains and their accessories. As time progressed and quality of brand was well established in the market, it was time to have a larger prospect, aiming to have a global footprint in the category of Lifting, Rigging and Material Handling Equipment.

Lifmex Industries – A World-Class Manufacturer & Supplier of Lifting, Rigging & Material Handling Equipment

Established in 2010, Lifmex Industries was initially focused on supplying high quality lifting, rigging and material handling equipment. With the passage of time, we developed an excellent brand reputation in the market. To cater to a larger prospect and to establish a global footing, we continue to expand our product line and now offer an outstanding range of products to cater the needs of all the industries, including:

A Rapidly Growing Product Line

We boast of fully equipped manufacturing facility in which we have long catered to the needs of distributors across the MENA region, Indian subcontinent, African continent, and the United States of America. As time goes by, we plan on expanding our distributorship across the globe to grow our list of highly esteemed clientele.

High Class Products at a Cost-Effective Price

At Lifmex Industries, we take pride in offering the most extensive range of top quality products at highly cost-effective prices. Over the years, we have become well-known and developed an outstanding network of distributors in different parts of the world. This is because we deliver products that have been manufactured following international standards and the best industry practices.

For our team, transparency is an asset and we assure you to never over-commit. We deliver what we promise right on time. To assist our distributors at every step of the sales process, we offer premium quality customer care services at all times.

Reach Out To Us Today

If you have any queries or concerns, feel free to reach out to us using our online contact form and our dedicated customer support department will get back to you within 24 hours. From us, you can expect to receive top-quality, innovative products at a cost-effective price and relentless customer services all through the day!

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