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⦁ Most rigid aluminum alloy profile
⦁ Durable base system
⦁ Able to access a limited passageway
⦁ It is widely used for Aerial installation and maintenance of the working sites such as hotel, grand hall, sport stadium, large factory, workshop, and warehouse
⦁ The most ideal equipment for aerial work to replace ladder or rigger with high efficiency and more secure
⦁ Leveling of platform is guaranteed by adjusting outrigger with screws.
⦁ Equipped with emergency lowering system

Capacity (KG)125
Min. Platform Height (mm)580
Max. Platform Height (mm)10000
Platform Size [Length x Width] (mm)630×650
Ground Clearance (mm)60
Outspread size (mm)2030×1840
Ascending and Descending Speed (m/s)0.09 m/s
Electrical Source (V) [AC/DC]220-240/12
Motor Power (v/kW) [AC/DC][(220/0.75)/(12/1.2)]
Overall Dimensions (mm) [LengthxWidthxHeight]1430x840x2050
Net Weight (KG)450

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