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⦁ Heavy duty, quick set up, requires no tools
⦁ Compact design, can fold up legs for easy storage
⦁ Roller wheels allow easy transport in stowed position
⦁ Easy to load and unload on or off a vehicle for transport
⦁ Ideal for lifting and placing small ducts and bulky objects.
⦁ Perfect for installing and maintaining HVAC equipment and appliances, shipping/receiving, storing/retrieving records, and stacking materials on shelves.
⦁ One person can easily set them up and get to work within minutes.

Working Height:
Fork Down (m)9.96
Fork up (m)7.50
Height – Stowed (m)2.18
Length – Stowed (m)0.86
Length – Operating (m)2.06
Width – Stowed (m)0.80
Width – with Stabilizer lowered (m)1.68
Load Capacity:
At 40 cm (KG)200
At 60 cm (KG)150
At 80 cm (KG)100
Power (Crank/Mtr)27.8
Standard Fork (Length x Width x Depth)71x58x6
Load Platform (Length x Width x Depth)67x58x6
Net Weight (KG)157

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