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Three-wheel Electric Forklift.

  • 2000 kgs capacity.
  • Excellent Performance & Reliability.
  • High efficiency with high performance.
  • High comfort for operation.
  • Easy to manage stability.
  • International quality components.
  • Premium Configuration


  • Solid Rubber Tire
  • Front Light
  • Warning Light
  • Seat Switch
Distinguishing Mark
1.2 Model designationLEF20
1.3Drive unitElectrics
1.4Operator typeSeated
1.5Rated CapacityQt2.0
1.6Load Center Distancecmm500
1.8Load distance, centre of drive axle to forkxmm400
2.1Service weight ( include battery )kg3430
2.2Axle loading, laden driving wheels / steering wheelskg5050/380
2.3Axle loading, unladen driving wheels / steering wheelskg1750/1680
Types, Chassis
3.1Tyre type, driving wheels / steering wheelssolid rubber
3.2Tyre size, driving wheels ( diameter*width)200X50-10
3.3Tyre size, streering wheels ( diameter*width )15X4.5-8
3.5Wheels, number driving/steering (x=drive wheelsmm2x/ 2
3.6Tread, Driving Wheelsb10mm936
3.7Tread, Steering wheelsb11mm175
4.1Tilt of mast/fork carriage forward/backwardα/ β ( )6/6
4.2Height, mast loweredh1mm2060
4.3Free lift (load backrest )h2mm120
4.4Lift heighth3mm3000
4.5Height, mast extendedh4mm4058
4.7Height of overhead guard (cabin)h6mm2060
4.8Seat heighth7mm1000
4.12Tow center of pin heighth10mm475
4.19Overall LengthI1mm2895
4.20Length to face of forksI2mm1975
4.21Overall widthb1/b2mm1150
4.22Fork dimensionss/ e/ Imm40 x 100 x 920
4.23Fork carriage class/type A, BA
4.24Fork carraige widthb3mm1040
4.31Ground clearance, laden below mastm1mm108
4.32The Minimum ground clearance of framem2mm78
4.34.1Aisle width for pallets 1000 x 1200 crosswaysAstmm3325
4.34.2Aisle width for pallets 800 x 1200 lenghthways Astmm3450
4.35Tuming radiusWamm1605
Performance Data
5.1Travel speed, laden / unladenkm/h13/14
5.2Lifting speed, laden / unladenm/s0.26/0.43
5.3Lowering speed, laden / unladenm/s0.44/0.435
5.5Drawbar pull, laden / unladenN
5.6Max. Drawbar pull, laden / unladen (time)N/
5.7Gradeability, laden / unladen%10.5/14.5
5.8Max. Gradeability, laden / unladen%
5.10Service brake typeMechanical/hydraulic
park brake typeMechanical/hydraulic
6.1Drive motor rating S2 60 minkW4.8x2
6.2Lift motor rating at S3 15%kW11
6.3The maximum allowed size batterymm/
6.4Battery voltage/nominal capacity K5V/Ah48/600
6.5Battery weightkg933
Additional data
8.1Type of drive unitAC
10.5Steering type Mechanical/hydraulic
10.7Sound Pressure level at the driver's eardB (A)74

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