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  • Hydraulic scissor lift tables are durable and made to last. They can lift and position very heavy machinery and other heavy objects in warehouse, construction projects, factories and workshops.
  • When loading and unloading the trucks, hydraulic lift tables can be quite helpful in aiding the process. It will lessen the time frame it takes to load the truck by hand. It also helps lessen the number of people it takes to load and unload. It lessens the time it takes to do a job while making the work environment safer.
  • Used for lifting, transporting, positioning, assembling, stacking and unstacking.
  • Is designed in such a way that operator can use it as a work bench, or lifting table.
CAPACITY (KG) 50010001000
MAX. TABLE HEIGHT 90010001700
TABLE SIZE (MM)815 X 510 X 501000 X 510 X 551200 X 610 X 60
WHEEL SIZE (MM)125 X 50150 X 50150 X 50
HANDLE HEIGHT (MM)98010201020
NET WEIGHT (KG)75110160

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