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⦁ Strong, sturdy and robust Semi Electric Stacker with a classic design
⦁ Special rolling process of “C” type steel frame, strong safety.
⦁ Durable and easily serviceable with a built in battery charger.
⦁ Integrated hydraulic power unit, performance is stable and reliable.
⦁ Compact body design, flexible operation and promote labor saving.
⦁ Connecting rod steering structure, with good steering and control force
⦁ Chain auxiliary device, which is a significant reduction in operational fatigue
⦁ Foot brake is simple and easy to maintain.

MODELLSE1T*1.6LSE1T*3LSE1.5T*3/ LSE1.5T*3.5
Capacity (KG)100010001500
Load Centre (mm) – C450450450
Min. Fork Height (mm) – H1909090
Max. Fork Height (mm) – H2 1600 3000 3000/3500 160030003000/3500
Fork Outside Width (mm)320-710320-710320-710
Fork Inside Width(mm)0-7400-7400-740
Fork Length (mm) – L1100100100
Single Fork Size (mm) – e/s150/60150/60150/60
Overall Length (mm) – L166016601660
Overall Width (mm) – E770770770
Overall Height (mm) – H213020802130
Max. Lifting Height ( mm)151029102910
Min. Turning Radius (mm) – Wa135013501450
Lifting Speed40-50/85-9540-50/85-9540-50/85-95
Lowering Speed90-110/85-9590-110/85-9590-110/85-95
Lift Motor (kw)
Battery Capacity (v/ah)12V/120Ah12V/120Ah12V/120Ah
Battery Weight (kg)363636
Net Weight (kg)340430450/465

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