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  • For your light and low-duty small goods order picking requirements, such as spare parts, carton boxes and other small items, the semi electric order picker is the best option for your warehouse needs.
  • It comes with a fully electric platform for the operator and goods for speedy work.
  • Lifting and lowering is done simply at the push of a button from the remote pad inside the operator cabin.
  • Moving the machine around is done by pushing it manually.
  • Low noise and low maintenance cost.
Model NumberLSEOP200LSEOP300
Max Platform Height (H)mm27203300
Max Machine Height (H1)mm40204900
Ground Clearance (h2)mm3030
Lift Rated Capacitykg200200
Platform Size (1xn)mm600*600600*640
Lifting Motorv/kw12.1512.15
Aneroid Betteryv/Ah12.12012.120
Overvall Length (A)mm13001300
Overvall Width (B)mm760840
Overvall Height (C)mm16702040
Overvall Net Weightkg270320

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