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⦁ To strengthen the standard three door frame stack, with a full set of vertical and lateral roller, displacement of the uniform gap, no vibration
⦁ Full free upgrade, in the operating space is highly restricted (such as the container), the operation can be carried out.
⦁ Configuration of electronic power steering, USA CURTIS drive controller, the United States gates high pressure tubing and external explosion valve structure, lifting, down the use of multiple manual valve flow control.
⦁ The lifting oil cylinder is designed with a special buffer structure, which enables the transition of the rear oil cylinder to be switched to the working of the medium cylinder, to avoid the door frame jitter, to ensure the safety of cargo lift.
⦁ A leg with solid steel, so that the door frame structure is firm and reliable, impact resistance, deformation resistance.
⦁ Post assembly type adjustable angle configuration, a supercharging oil cylinder, load increases the driving wheel to ground for the force of the driving wheel can be automatically reduced after unloading, and the wear of the wheel face of the driving wheel can be reduced.

Front Wheel Track (mm) – b11515
Rear Wheel Track (mm) – b10645
Min. Fork Height (mm) – H190
Fork outside width (mm)685
Top Shelf Height (mm) – H2050
Overall Width (mm) – B1880
Overall Height (mm) – H2050
Min. Turning Radius (mm) – Wa1635
Traveling Speed (km/h)6-7
Lifting Speed mm/s6
Lowering Speed mm/s135-165
Gradeability %8
Driving ModeAC
Steering motor kW0.165
Drive Motor kW1.5
Lifting Motor kW3
Battery capacity V/Ah24/280
Battery weight KG250
Net Weight KG1320

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