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⦁ Adjustable handle for easy operation.
⦁ Manual pulling machine with lever
⦁ Portable Winch
⦁ Quick Installation
⦁ Light-weight, Robust & Powerful
⦁ The Tirfor can be used to lift, pull and position loads over
great distances depending on the wire rope length
⦁ Spare lengths of wire rope available

Rated capacityTons0.
Pulling capacityTons1.
Rated forward travelMM>52>55>25>35
Efficient length of forward handleMM82512001200800-1200
Drive step/1122
Rope diameterMM8111620
Standard length of ropeM20202020
Net weightKG16244890
Rated forward hand powerN<284<412<441<750
Max. overall sizeMM428X64X235545X97X286660X116X350940X380X180

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