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⦁ Stainless steel and galvanized pallet truck are designed for environments where hygiene is paramount or where the pallet truck will come into contact with corrosive substances such as salt water, acids and various chemicals.
⦁ It works in very low temperature conditions, e.g. to deliver goods into and out of cold stores, food processing, pharmaceutical and marine industries.
⦁ Made of 100 stainless steel material and components of grade 304
⦁ Hydraulic pump passed the strict test, has convenient design for repair or maintenance, and with high strength and durable chassis.
⦁ extremely smooth and reliable
⦁ High quality hydraulic pump
⦁ Sophisticated design which looks very attractive
⦁ Spare parts available
⦁ Service center in Dubai
⦁ CE certified

Capacity (KG)2000
Min. Fork Height (mm) – H85
Max. Fork Height (mm) – H1200
Max. Lifting Height (mm)≥110
Fork outside width (mm) –B540
Fork inside width (mm)220
Fork Length (mm) – L1150
Single Fork Width (mm) – E1220x 160 x 50
Fork Height (mm) – S50
Overall Length (mm) – L11315-1620
Overall Height (mm) – H21245
Min. Turning radius (mm)1300
Net Weight (KG)63-75

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