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This Alloy Steel Chain is manufactured specifically for use in chain slings for lifting purposes.The chain is heat treated for tensile strength and resistance to wear whilst also allowing for shock absorption.For overhead lifting applications, only Alloy Chain should be used.

The “Working Load Limit” (rated capacity) is the maximum load that shall be applied in direct tension to an undamaged straight length of chain.The dimensional requirements of the various chain sizes and designations are given in Tables.

Safety Comes First

  • Never use an improper sling configuration
  • Check tag to confirm that sling is rated adequately for the load (see load angle chart)
  • Position hooks of multi-leg slings facing outward from the load. Do not lift on the point of the hook and ensure that the chain is not twisted or knotted.
  • Where chain has to pass round a sharp corner use suitable packaging to give the chain protection.
  • Balance the load and maintain load control
  • Never expose chain slings to chemicals, particularly acidic conditions, without consulting the supplier
  • Keep fingers, toes etc. clear ensuring they do not become trapped when lifting, lowering or controlling loads


  • To avoid damage, chain slings must be stored hanging on suitable brackets and not left lying on the ground. If chain slings are to remain unused for long periods of time, it is advisable to clean and lightly oil them to protect them against corrosion.
Chain Size (mm)Single LegTwo Leg 0°-45° | 45°-60°Three and Four Leg 0°-45° | 45°-60°Endless
71.52.12 | 1.53.1 | 2.22.5
82.02.8 | 2.04.2 | 3.03.1
103.154.25 | 3.156.7 | 4.755.0
135.37.5 | 5.311.2 | 8.08.5
168.011.2 | 8.017.0 | 11.812.5
2012.517.0 | 12.526.5 | 19.020.0
2215.021.2 | 15.031.5 | 22.423.6
2621.230.0 | 21.245.0 | 31.533.5
3231.545.0 | 31.567.0 | 47.550.0

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